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Diggers Cooperative Welcomes You

Maine Compost Co-Op

We're a worker-owned cooperative founded on a mission of empowering communities to close the loop on food waste by composting and returning it to the soil.​

  • Commercial Compost Facility

  • Potting Soil & Soil Amendments

  • Seaweed Processing

  • Waste Management Services

  • Greenhouses & Grow Rooms

  • Cannabis Cultivation Support Service

  • Soil Science Research

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Small organisms, LARGE impact

A single teaspoon (1 gram) of rich garden soil can hold up to one billion bacteria, several yards of fungal filaments, several thousand protozoa, and scores of nematodes. OSU 2010

Composting is our opportunity to contribute to the health of the soil food web while managing a "waste" product.

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Diggers Cooperative Services

We are a direct support for growers, offering innovative solutions to your growing needs.


Greenhouses and Grow Facilities

From concept to construction, we design and build fully functioning growing spaces, in greenhouses and indoors

Garden Design and Installation

Creating functional outdoor plant scapes, from backyard gardens to commercial scale grow facilities with fencing, irrigation, regenerative gardening techniques and nutrient rich garden beds


Compost Systems

Designing custom composting systems systems for people to process their own organic waste onsite while creating high quality compost that can feed their soil

Manure Management

Providing reliable and professional manure removal services for all types of livestock


Waste Management

Finding creative solutions that reduce waste by facilitating connections between organics waste producers, recyclers and consumers


Supporting growers of all types in optimizing the conditions for soil organisms and plants to thrive.

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